गाभुळलेल्या चंद्रबनात


Tamasha, the traditional Marathi folk theatre was standing on four major pillars- drama, erotic sensual lavani songs and traditional rhythmic music played on percussional instruments like dholki. Along with such social and historical dramas played in the Tamasha mobile theatres in the jamboree of village fairs, the galaxy of many great actors and female artists had also created their own significant lore. Vishwas Patil has interwoven his new novel on that backdrop of mobile Tamasha troops’ heritage and culture. Here, protagonists are Bakerao, who is a great singer, musician and a prolific actor. Beautiful Rangakali is the creator of her own nebula of songs, dances and acting. This is a painful love story between Bakerao and Rangakali’s passion and attraction towards each other’s legendary artistic virtues. Their seperation is unavoidable but their reunion is enchanting, and finally, that purest love marches towards the cobwebs of destiny. A powerful novel written by today’s major Indian novelist on the backdrop of folk songs, drama and culture, will surely enamor the readers and will take them through an entirely new, unknown and captivating world.